Recruitment and Social Media Meet

I have recently accepted an excellent new opportunity in my career and taken a slight different direction from running my own business.  After a five year break from formal employment, I have now returned to the daily routine of 8am-5pm and I am back in the recruitment industry.  I get to work in this dynamic and interesting industry again, whilst also combining my passion and interest in social media so it’s certainly an exciting journey ahead.  During my time in the UK, social media and recruitment didn’t cross paths much, but things have progressed rapidly since then and even in Zimbabwe a new approach is being formed.

Using social media to recruit has actually come further than anyone may have imagined it could.  Posting jobs on Facebook, would have probably been a big no-no, five or six years ago as it was reserved for updates about where you went on holiday or what you had for dinner.  Likewise the number of people on LinkedIn who were using it to its full advantage professionally was nowhere near the figures of today so sourcing people from LinkedIn was not as common a practice as it is now.  Pinterest and Google + did not even exist.

However using social media platforms  for recruitment, especially Facebook, is now a pretty common practice, and some of the reasons it’s getting easier are listed below.  So whether you are job hunting or seeking the right person for the job, here are some ways that can help.

Graph Search on Facebook – Instead of searching on keywords, Graph Search uses more natural language to help you find certain skills in a specific location for example.  You can easily search on an ‘Accountant in Harare’ or an “Accountant that works at Econet” or someone with a specific education like “Accountant who attended St Georges College.

Professional Skills Category – In order to enhance your chances of being found by recruiters and hiring managers alike, it is worth putting your key skills into you profile on Facebook.  In the Work and Education section of your profile, you can add these skills so that others who are searching for any specific skills on Facebook will easily find you.

Hashtags – Searching on popular industry phrases or even some common job hunting phrases like #CV or #NeedAJob can help you find people who are on your wavelength already.  Recruiters and Hiring Managers could try #HireMe, #Employment, #Unemployed or any other variations you can think of to find suitable candidates.

 If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get – Just putting it out there that you are looking for a particular skill set, may just get enough attention to reach the right people.  The more interesting and engaging the content, the more likes and shares you will receive, therefore gaining a greater reach in terms of who sees the post.  If you ask your network if they can help find something, and they respond, their network will see this so a friend of a friend has never taken on more meaning.

Ensuring you can be found – Trying to find relevant people is only half of it.  Can they find you?  Are you also using hashtags in your posts?  #jobs or industry related hashtags are the most obvious but the options are endless.  Make sure your profile includes keywords that candidates may search for.  Using articles and images that are eye-catching and worth sharing will also help increase your reach.

It makes sense to be using these social platforms to our advantage considering the amount of time people seem to spend on them.  If you have any further suggestions on how to find a job or be found by a potential employer, please feel free to share them.


If you need any recruitment advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact:

Precision Recruitment International on +263 4 706 634/5

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Rekindling the Pinterest romance

I once saw a tweet about how someone was rekindling their romance with Pinterest and couldn’t help but laugh to know exactly how she felt.  You are like a lovesick puppy when you first discover the pinning pleasure, but eventually it starts to dwindle, maybe it even dies off completely for a while.

Facebook has been sapping all my energy lately, to the point of feeling stuck in a rut.  Although most of my work is actually done on Facebook, I think I definitely believe that variety is the spice of life when it comes to social networking.  Only recently I re-discovered my interest in Pinterest again, joined Google + and updated my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.  Instagram is also featuring significantly too these days because I like the video function and for some reason, it works better than Vine did for me.

After getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab I downloaded all the social media apps and was interested in the different features or displays, in comparison to my laptop and iPhone.  Hence why the emphasis on mobile and device friendly sites is so big these days.  Still trying to decide if there are any annoying features about this device, but all I do know is that I still feel like I need all three to be connected in the way I like.  Easier to Instagram with the iPhone, upload photos on the laptop and pin on the tablet.

pinterest 1In just the year or so I have been on Pinterest I have seen a huge increase in users within my social circles.  There are frequent notifications that new friends have joined or are following my boards.  Although most of my boards are created with re-pins, there are actually several of my own original pins in there – meals I have tried out and posted.  Obviously the aim is to post as much original content as possible, as its the aim across the board.  If you only repin on Pinterest, it’s like only resharing pictures on Facebook and never uploading or posting anything from yourself.  If everybody did that we would see the same stuff over and over in no time.

So at first get familiar with it by re-pinning pins onto your boards but then start to think about pinning your own content soon too.  It’s also good to invite your friends to contribute to your boards, I have a Mommys Meals board that a couple of friends are allowed to pin to and I have been requested to pin to a Who Said What board, so this is taking the pinning experience to the next social level.  Of course liking and commenting on pins is always welcomed to.

A lot of the pins I re-pin onto my boards have served as awesome inspiration, from exercise to art and all the yummy meals in between.  With Zimbabwe Fashion Week just over a week away, I have been inspired with super healthy menu’s to make sure there is no weight gain before then, so keep a look at for my next blog about this.

10 ways to make your picture posts more appealing

We all know that pictures speak a thousand words so using them in social media is essential, but you can get bogged down with the usual posts and style of pictures so here are a couple of suggestions to spice things up a bit.  Photos get as many as 7 times more likes than just written updates and they get shared about 10 times more than links.

css unhealthy food1. don’t just say it, show it.  By adding text to your photo, you can get your point across quickly, or you can make your message a little more appealing.

2. Show readers step by step guides with pictures that link together to form a useful map of how to’s.  For something that is quite complex this is the simple solution.css logo 1

3. Use quotes.  Find the best ones online and put them onto your pictures.  Or use clever apps that do it for you.

4. Create infographics.  These are becoming huge, especially on sites like Scoop-it and Pinterest, so start with simple ideas and try it out.  By utilizing graphics to relay a large amount of information, you can enhance the ability to see patterns and trends on the things you really want to show.

anne frank quote5. Encourage people to share photos with your business.  Find creative ways to get users to submit photos to you, and do the hard work for you by generating content.

6. Make sure all your blogs have at least one pinnable image for Pinterest.  The Pin It button is clicked a lot so if you want your content to be seen, make sure enough of it exists.

7. Create an interesting cover picture on your Facebook profile.  The rules have changed now so you can have more writing and promo stuff on your cover picture, still not more than 20% I think, so this means you can get a bit more creative.

8. Get up close to the subject.  Extreme close up shots add a lot of depth and feeling. Give a new perspective to your shots, not all of them, but some really well thought out ones will work wonders.

9. Spend some time brainstorming on photo content ideas and create and build a library of photos that you can use over the next few weeks or months.

10.  Just do silly sometimes.  We just made a silly sign for our kids to hold and it got more likes and was seen by more people than any of the other more standard posts we had put up.  IMG_4449






Enter the second phase of social media…


It seems that the first phase of social media for businesses on Facebook is over, everyone has a presence, some work really well, some shouldn’t even bother. But with virtually everything you can think of having some sort of page on Facebook, surely it is now time to separate the wheat from the weeds so to speak, and really deliver real value to people.
If you can figure out what your customers want and give it to them you are onto a winning formula every time. Solve their problems and they will love you more. Do it regularly and consistently and you are A for away.

Post regularly

This is where most fail. They start off with a great page, interesting content and most importantly the enthusiasm and consistency social media demands. Then you get bored of spending all of your time on Facebook and surprise surprise your work is beginning to suffer as a result.

Get expert help

Maybe you think hiring a junior admin sort of person will fit the bill. They may not be the next rising star in the company but they can sit there and play with pictures and post funny status updates. The thing is, why get somebody to play, when you get someone who knows what they are doing and when to do it? If you are wanting to take it all to the next level, the second phase of providing real, valuable content then you should be hiring your social media team, made up of editorial staff, copywriters, photgraphers, a film crew and developers. Or have a team manage it for you.   If you honestly can’t set aside an hour a day, you probably not going to get anywhere fast in the world of digital marketing. Merely keeping abreast of the constant changes and trends in social media is time consuming.

Content is king so be ORIGINAL

Continue to promote your social efforts through your other advertsing campaigns – print, radio, word of mouth.  It is as always, about content. Share great content that promotes further sharing and you are doing something right. Please remember though that original content is what it is all about. I notice a lot of content that is not used correctly and it’s a shame for those that take the time and effort, or pay for the service to get genuine quality content.

I would love to answer any more questions you have or listen to your comments and suggestions for the best results in social media so feel free to have your say. Get talking, get social….

Social Media Target Audience Profiles

targetSocial media has opened hundreds more doors when it comes to sharing user friendly content and connecting with potential customers. As Internet growth continues to explode, relying soley on traditional marketing tools and websites will no longer be enough.

Social media has a strong impact in the growth of online business. It is not purely for recreational use and the sooner you can see the potential of these social media platforms, the quicker you can reach your target audience. Why is it such a big deal?

Everyone is already using social media on a personal level, so they are already engaging and connecting with brands out there, whilst doing what they want, when they want, getting info about whatever they want. They are also impatient so if they can’t find what they are looking for quickly their mentality is to find it somewhere else, because they can. Once you get to know “them” better, you will probably hear more about what “they say” too. I’ve always wondered who “they” are, but know I know – they are your target audience!

Develop profiles for your target audience on social media

Know who your target audience really are so that you can create content that is optimized for them. Develop some profiles of what your customers look like and post content based on the profiles of your target audience. Social media allows you to distribute unique content throughout the day, targeted at different profiles within your target audience, and you know that content will be seen by your target audience then and there.

What’s in your Target Audience Profile?

Demographics – Age, Gender, Income level, Race
Interests – What other pages do they like
Irritations / Issues they have
Social behaviour – What do they like on Facebook, what makes them comment or share

You can add in lots more information to your profile and get creative with who they really are. Once you have a basic idea of what your target audience looks like, its amazing how much better you get with brainstorming sessions about what to post and when. You may want to try postings to different groups within your target audience profiles to see what works and what doesn’t.

If this all sounds too much like hard work, and you just interested in having a pretty page with lots of likes then let us do the hard work for you.

We specialise is social media management and we offer unique social media management services, that are designed to fit around your business and budget. A surprisingly small investment for a rewarding outcome. If you would like to know more about how we can help you grow your online community and customer base then please contact us by filling out the form below.