Recruitment and Social Media Meet

I have recently accepted an excellent new opportunity in my career and taken a slight different direction from running my own business.  After a five year break from formal employment, I have now returned to the daily routine of 8am-5pm and I am back in the recruitment industry.  I get to work in this dynamic and interesting industry again, whilst also combining my passion and interest in social media so it’s certainly an exciting journey ahead.  During my time in the UK, social media and recruitment didn’t cross paths much, but things have progressed rapidly since then and even in Zimbabwe a new approach is being formed.

Using social media to recruit has actually come further than anyone may have imagined it could.  Posting jobs on Facebook, would have probably been a big no-no, five or six years ago as it was reserved for updates about where you went on holiday or what you had for dinner.  Likewise the number of people on LinkedIn who were using it to its full advantage professionally was nowhere near the figures of today so sourcing people from LinkedIn was not as common a practice as it is now.  Pinterest and Google + did not even exist.

However using social media platforms  for recruitment, especially Facebook, is now a pretty common practice, and some of the reasons it’s getting easier are listed below.  So whether you are job hunting or seeking the right person for the job, here are some ways that can help.

Graph Search on Facebook – Instead of searching on keywords, Graph Search uses more natural language to help you find certain skills in a specific location for example.  You can easily search on an ‘Accountant in Harare’ or an “Accountant that works at Econet” or someone with a specific education like “Accountant who attended St Georges College.

Professional Skills Category – In order to enhance your chances of being found by recruiters and hiring managers alike, it is worth putting your key skills into you profile on Facebook.  In the Work and Education section of your profile, you can add these skills so that others who are searching for any specific skills on Facebook will easily find you.

Hashtags – Searching on popular industry phrases or even some common job hunting phrases like #CV or #NeedAJob can help you find people who are on your wavelength already.  Recruiters and Hiring Managers could try #HireMe, #Employment, #Unemployed or any other variations you can think of to find suitable candidates.

 If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get – Just putting it out there that you are looking for a particular skill set, may just get enough attention to reach the right people.  The more interesting and engaging the content, the more likes and shares you will receive, therefore gaining a greater reach in terms of who sees the post.  If you ask your network if they can help find something, and they respond, their network will see this so a friend of a friend has never taken on more meaning.

Ensuring you can be found – Trying to find relevant people is only half of it.  Can they find you?  Are you also using hashtags in your posts?  #jobs or industry related hashtags are the most obvious but the options are endless.  Make sure your profile includes keywords that candidates may search for.  Using articles and images that are eye-catching and worth sharing will also help increase your reach.

It makes sense to be using these social platforms to our advantage considering the amount of time people seem to spend on them.  If you have any further suggestions on how to find a job or be found by a potential employer, please feel free to share them.


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