Routine resumes!

So back to school for my two babies today.  This is their second term of pre-school and they both seemed quite happy to be dropped off there this morning, probably delighted to be doing something interesting for the first time in 6 weeks.  I lie a little, they have done a lot of interesting things in the last 6 weeks – animal parks, boat trips, adventurous family days out and of course attending their mom and dads wedding.


Today we also started the ‘big school’ applications for Keira, next year will be Rocco’s turn.  Time is flying by and although I call them my babies, they are not really little babies any more.


Keira is two and 8 months and a typical little girl, who likes to play dress up and have her hair done.  Rocco on the other hand, even at 20 months much prefers getting muddy from head to toe whilst obsessing over ‘big trucks’.  They both love to sing all the nursery rhymes together and recite verses from other random songs too.  The house is definitely quieter without all the singing, shouting, tears, tantrums and bikes riding up and down the driveway, but I miss the chaos in some small way.

So back to work, routine and structure in 2013…for a moment.


On that note…

Looked back over my blog and I write about a lot of random stuff, I have concluded.  There isn’t really much structure or method to the madness, apart from the most recent blog challenge I set myself.  The focus was meant to be on the ultimate quest in life – happiness and instead it’s turned into a charade of dentistry, weird wedding advice and spirituality.  Either I am really onto something here and exploring every random avenue of life is happiness itself, or maybe I am just learning how to do this audience captivating content thing still and finding my groove, but it’s quite unique all the same. So this is a blog that’s unique, just like everyone else’s.

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The positive effects of seeking spirituality

There are several definitions to the word spirituality, however in this case I am talking specifically about 1. Of, from or relating to God or 2. Of or belonging to a church or religion.  Anything to do with spirit natures, the supernatural or the soul I know nothing about and don’t intend to.

Recently I have begun taking more interest in things of a spiritual nature and it’s really hit home as to what’s been missing in my life over the last 10 years or so.  Having a sense of faith in something you cannot see or touch can give you more purpose in life and guidelines for better living.  It can make you feel more content and happy and I have found it is not only helping me, but also my family to live a richer, fuller life.

Whether you want to separate religion and spirituality is up to you,  Apparently one in five people would call themselves spiritual but not religious. However both seem to lean towards the same thing – believing there is a higher power, trying to foster a relationship with a higher power and living life according to morals, principles, daily practices and rituals that allow you to build that relationship.

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When individuals or families face difficult times it can be a powerful source of strength and comfort, believing in something more and relying on God to help you focus on what is important and good.  Having a spiritual understanding can give people higher levels of optimism and discover what life is really all about, not just an existence in the physical sense.  It helps us have a deeper appreciation for life itself and it enables you to understand values and meanings by which we should be living.

Spiritual people are generally said to have a more balanced overall health too.  The World Health Organisations definition of health is ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.  I think that at some point there was a debate as to whether the definition should include physical, mental, social and spiritual well being, but currently it’s not included.  This was something to do with the argument of “evolution” or “created by God”, from what I can remember.  However studies have shown that being spiritual has known to reduce depression, improve blood pressure and boost the immune system although I’m sure you will find someone who will argue with this.  I think that becoming more spiritual, means building a closer relationship with our Creator and just knowing more about him and his purpose for the world can help alleviate certain problems in our lives, especially if we apply the principles and guidelines set for us to have a happier life.

Destructive behavior such as smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, gambling seems to be less common among people that are more spiritual or religious.  Maybe religious or spiritual people are known to have less stress in life and more satisfaction because they have a better conscience about living a more wholesome lifestyle.  Making even small changes in line with what you learn about life and what Gods purposes is for us should bring you step closer to spiritual happiness.

1 John 2:17 – The world is passing away and so is its desires, but he that does the will of God remains forever.




Family First

















My beautiful family….you bring me happiness and fulfillment every day.

Children truly are a gift from God and make you count your blessings.   May we have a lifetime of moments and memories to cherish with our families!  “Family is the most important thing in the world”  Princess Diana

Happiness is……not having teeth pulled out!

A not so happy start to my day began with an unexpected wisdom tooth extraction this morning.  I took Keira with me as an introductory visit to the dentist and she was fine and had fun playing computer games on the Accountants desk, whilst I on the other hand was going through severe upheaval.  One tooth had to be filled and the wisdom tooth had to be pulled afterwards, so she was there for most of the procedure, until the extraction.

It definitely would have scared her from ever visiting the dentist again after witnessing the yanking and pulling, blood and strange grunts I was making.  It wasn’t sore, (thank you big fat anesthetic injections) but it was so uncomfortable because it was so far back, he was struggling to reach it and had to pull and stretch my mouth into horrific contortions.  With these clamp things and a vacuum in my mouth plus at least 4 large fingers it was just overcrowded and unpleasant.  Anyway I don’t consider my self very squirmish and I’m hardly ever nervous so I think I handled it all pretty well and he seemed impressed with my level of composure throughout.

However, 2 hours on and the injection is starting wear off.  He warned my jaw and surrounding muscles would be sore and slowly the pain is creeping in.  But I am a little odd when it comes to pain and I like to see how much I can bear.  I had debated taking painkillers just as I was started to have feeling back in the area, but as usual I have kept putting it off.

Only now has it dawned on me that for some stupid reason, which I must secretly like, I always do this.  I am not known for popping a headache pill until desperate.  I could have learnt the second time around and taken the epidural but I wanted to feel the pain again.  Now I am setting myself a challenge of seeing how long before I take something to lose the dull ache in my jaw, ear and mouth that is now slowly turning into a more acute pain.  I ask myself what am I trying to prove because most of the time I don’t even realise that I am putting it off, I am just simply putting up with it.

Anyway high pain threshold or not, I have just had something ripped out of my body so I should be wise, oh wait, they took the wise part out so now what?

Well now is about the time I give in, take some paracetemol and go rest.

So I know it’s not the happiest blog I am actually going to write this month, but everyone has a down day right.  It’s not down there, it’s just there, unlike my tooth.  If there is one thing you should remember from all of this here it is:

Sucrose or table sugar as we know it sits on your teeth after consumption and it produces acids that lead to tooth decay.  Either you must limit WHEN you eat sugar – with meals 3 times a day is fine but nothing sweet in between, or do your research into Xylitol and other sweeteners to use in between meals.

Sweet dreams….