Non-invasive Cavitation Liposuction

If you are considering liposuction to remove excess fat but are scared of the invasive proceedure, then you may want to consider some of the alternative non-surgical solutions.

Cavitation liposuction is pain free, takes less than half an hour once a week and is a lot less expensive.  No needles or cannula’s, just ultrasound frequency that effectively destroys fat cells.

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Body Sculpting and Contouring

Non-surgical liposuction

You may have considered all the options when it comes to excess fat removal, including surgical liposuction, lipodissolve, laser lipo or non-surgical lipo cavitation.  With an abundance of treatments and procedures to choose from you may feel somewhat overwhelmed when it comes to selecting what is right for you.

With surgical liposuction, you get probably the best results overall but with it comes the surgery downtime, anesthesia  pain, swelling and an average cost of $5,000.  This is the only method of liposuction that guarantees that the removed fat can be seen and measured.

A surgeon will perform the procedure by using hollow cannulas and a fluid containing local anesthetic and agents to shrink the blood vessels.  This is connected to a vacuum that allows the fat to be pumped out.  Recovery time and level of pain depend on where and how much lipo was performed but there will be painful surgery downtime to contend with.

Cavitation Liposuction

With lipo cavitation there is no anesthesia, pain, surgery downtime, skin damage or swelling and on average it only costs $500.  However the results may not be as dramatic and take longer overall to achieve.  You can expect to see a result immediately and as you continue with weekly treatments you will see loss in the treated area.  It is common to do before and after measurements so that you can gauge fat loss.

If you want to achieve dramatic weight loss then it is recommended that you get the advice of a nutritionist, dietitian and personal trainer.  There is no better alternative to controlling your weight than following a healthy lifestyle – eating a balanced diet, doing regular exercise and drinking plenty of water.  Liposuction and cavitation assist in the removal of excess fatty deposits but are not a general weight loss tool.

If however, you are looking to contour and sculpt your body and already have a considerably good diet, exercise often enough, but still can’t seem to shift those lose few inches or have problematic areas of excess body fat then liposuction, surgical or non-invasive may be the answer for you.

Lipo cavitation is a revolutionary method for removing excess body fat and it works by using ultrasonic frequency.  It generates low frequency ultrasonic waves, causing micro bubbles that create energy inside the fat cells.  This allows the fat cell membrane to erupt and the liquefied fat is excreted from the body through the lymphatic system. It does not affect any surrounding structures, blood vessels, nerves or internal organs.

It is recommended that you don’t burden your liver and kidneys before lipo caviation so it’ best to avoid alcohol and greasy, spicy, fried food for 2-3 days before your treatment.  You need to drink lots of water in the day, and especially 2 hours before your treatment.  It’s also highly recommended that you do 20 minutes of cardio after treatment as this speeds up your bodies natural mechanisms for breaking down fat. A lymphatic drainage massage also aids the body in elimination so this is another highly recommended treatment in conjunction with lipo caviation.

Contraindications of Lipo Cavitation:
  • Liver or kidney disease or disorder
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Skin disorders or disease
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart disease / irregular heart rhythm
  • Immune system / circulatory system disorders
  • Pacemaker or internal fitted device including metal structures prosthetic hip or knee

If you are looking to sculpt and contour your body, or remove excess fat in certain areas then this is a safe, pain free option where there is no surgery down time or heavy costs involved.  The results are noticeable within the first few sessions and it is recommended that you do 6-8 treatments on an area initially.  With treatments only taking between 20-30 minutes, it can easily be fitted into your day with minimal disruption.  You can expect to have a 4-5 inch loss after 8 treatments and this should stay off permanently if you maintain a good diet and regular exercise.

To book a free consultation or to find out more please call Cosmetic Sculpt Studio on 0774 729 782


Looking back on 2012…

It’s already the 30th December and 2012 is nearly over.  We started our own family tradition of looking back on the years photos and video clips on the eve of New years eve, so as I get all the albums and files ready I have been reflecting back on 2012.

Here are some of the highlights  for me:


Shan and I got married on 12.12.12, the day I turned 31 and spent the best day with our closest family and friends at Alo Alo restaurant.  We had amazing photos taken by Lesanne from Lesanne Photography, at the Quarry and a little animal park, and although it drizzled throughout the entire shoot, we couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.


The food was outstanding, the drinks flowed and we danced a lot. We also didn’t stop when the restaurant closed, we all came back to our house and carried the party on, a two day celebration no doubt!


Rocco turned one and Keira turned two this year and it still astounds me daily that they are both now small walking, talking people who make me laugh everyday.  The things they say and do!  Being a mom to these two is the most amazing part of my life, little cheeky mini-me’s that have the most tender and valuable hearts, they are definitely my biggest pride and joy.

This was them at the beginning of the year….and then this is them later on in the year in the car off to their first day at school.



They started Playgroup / Nursery School at Elisfanya  Day Care and are benefiting from the Montessori programme and are making friends with the American children who also attend the school.  I started helping with swimming lessons there twice a week and have watched some of the kids go from afraid to eager.


We moved into a beautiful new home early in the year, complete with swimming pool, tennis court, gym and staff quarters which meant finally our maid could live on the property and the kids have lots of space to play and run.  Despite no borehole and good old electricity cuts we love it here and were even originally planning on having the wedding here under a marquee.

The wedding was a highlight as I have already mentioned, but planning the wedding should also be noted as everything was arranged in 7 weeks.  No small feat but when we figured out what we really wanted, the rest miraculously fell into place.  We had considered everything from eloping, to having a ceremony only and no reception to a huge marquee in the garden to every possible venue in Harare.  Luckily we choose an unusual date, which fell on a Wednesday so nothing clashed with other people’s weddings on a Saturday in December and we could organise it at short notice.  My dress nearly didn’t arrive on time, we had issues with the suits, arrival of the flower girl dress and a guest list of nearly 200 to originally consider but like I say, it all fell into place beautifully because we got the most important thing right – each other!


We got our cat, Diego, at three weeks old and we had to feed it out of an eye drop bottle when it was still a tiny kitten.  He quickly became a firm favourite toy of the babies and is a very loving and tolerant cat to date.


Keira also started potty training and has made excellent progress with this.  She is still wearing nappies at night and when we go out but is fine wearing her little pants in the day.




Rocco started talking and was speaking fluent sentences long before he turned 18 months.

I watched Shan get his first tattoo, done by Brad Conradie at Instinckt Tattoos and a visiting American artist added colour and detail to mine.


We hosted a fun Mexican themed night complete with vast amounts of tequila, maracas, décor and amazing food. My sisters boyfriend, professional chef Darren Gall helped put on a delicious feast of tacos, burritos and chile con carne with all the trimmings.


I organised and hosted a surprise baby shower for one of my close friends Tracey, that I have known since school and we watched her and Wayne walk down the aisle too.  Several months later little Luke was born.



My two bridesmaids, Crystal and Leandra organised the best hen party ever for me and the three of us ended the night swimming at sunrise, after lots of cocktails, flaming zambuca’s, quizzes, games and Tezza, the most horrendous blow up doll complete with stubble.


I started this crazycarlysworld blog to document some of the fun, crazy and demanding jobs I do and to try develop my writing skills again.  I enjoy the learning curve blogging sends me on too, I learn something new about myself and life often.

I enjoyed helping Shan realise his career potential in refrigeration again and felt proud watching him pursue this as it gave him a new found confidence and motivation.


I launched a brand new business, Cosmetic Sculpt Studio, which is a non-surgical body sculpting and facial rejuvenation clinic.  I had no idea how intense starting a new business would be, but from securing a loan, to importing equipment, décor, marketing, company registration and a launch event I did it all myself and it was very rewarding.  I have personally carried out treatments to a number of clients and achieved some great results in inch loss and wrinkle removal.

I developed and managed my own social media campaigns for Wedding Wise, Cosmetic Sculpt Studio and Zimbabwe Plumbing & Maintenance, a combination of family owned businesses and personal ventures.  This lead to me falling into a new job within social media management and I now manage some large clients including Delta Beverages and Swift.

I started modelling again, after two years off and have been involved in runway shows (St Johns Fair and Clothing Indaba) modelling for a variety of designers including Intisaar Mukadam, Jo Burger Swimwear and Marija’s.  I did two magazine shoots for my favourite Zimbabwean magazine Out Of Africa, attended a breakfast launch for Cape Camisa juice, did fun promotions for Bulldog energy drink and Barcardi and I also attended a charity golf day for Car Guard.


We visited some fun local destinations including Leopard Rock in the Vumba, Troutbeck in Nyanga and Pamuzinda Safari Lodge.  Day trips to Mbizi Game park, Darwendale Dam, Lake Chivero and the Lion and Cheetah park were also highly enjoyable.


We bought a professional pool table and I learnt to play properly, despite much frustration in the beginning, the goal of becoming a hustler spurred me on.  I can now hit the ball, which is a bonus and have been known to sink a few one after the other on the odd occasion.


We enjoyed visiting kids friendly restaurant St Elmo’s on a number of occasions and loved the fact the kids are not only entertained but also supervised.  So we can sit back and enjoy the rest of the wine and pizza knowing they are having a ball on the indoor jungle gym.

We have met some interesting, crazy and cool new people this year too, some that come to mind are: Chiyedza Chitepo, Jan and Kayla Grobler and their little boys, Mel Carruthers, Gareth and Vanessa Jones, Judith Williams, Jackie Mgido and all the models at Model Management, Soraya, Tash, Tari, Shaylee, Moanna, Tasha, Anton, Marshall, Kathryn and Bron.

So an interesting, fun and full on year behind us, we move forward into 2013 and I am looking forward to the challenges, celebrations and successes ahead.  Here’s to a great 2013!

Sculpting out the way….

So today, despite the fact we are not officially open yet, I did the first non-surgical lipo treatment on a client.  The result, a one inch loss on her stomach, which we were both delighted with!  She is first of ten people that will be receiving free treatments as a little thank you for being one of the early birds to like the brand new Facebook page – Cosmetic Sculpt Studio.

Although there are still some finishing touches to add to the Studio, the equipment and essentials are in place, minus a screen divider so I thought there is no time like the present to start trialing my machine and putting it to the test.  So far so good, although it took me a while to attach all the probes, which each have specific functions for body contouring, skin firming, cellulite reduction or wrinkle removal.

Once the client was comfortably lying down on the custom-built pine bed complete with white leather mattress, I began the treatment and answered all her questions as we went along.  She told me if the probes were getting too warm, and I then adjusted the intensity of the energy to ensure she was comfortable.

Afterwards we took her measurements and compared it to the before measurements and were both pleasantly surprised to see such a successful result of a 1 inch loss.  I had advised her prior to treatment that some clients only see a result after the first two sessions, and typical loss is 4-5 inches after 8 treatments, so the result was very progressive for her.

Armed with this good news, her permission and 9 other people to motivate, I posted the details on Facebook and sent further info to the other lucky ladies who won free treatments.  Their response and feedback has been so positive and encouraging and feels like all the hard work and effort up until now will finally start paying off.

It’s no small task starting a new business, and between the constant planning, decision making all by yourself, working long into the night, making sacrifices and financial stress I’d say it’s definately the start of something new and exciting that makes the hardships worth it.

Measurements for the privacy screen

Setting up the custom made bed