From mundane to memorable!

Sometimes it just feels like you are plodding along, ticking by on social media, slowly gaining likes, fans and followers as you go along. Then one day you post something really quite random and the next day you wake up and your post has gone viral. How?

Basically what I can tell it all boils down to is creating memories. If you can create content that is nostalgic and makes people remember something significant – good, bad, funny, dangerous, you are probably going to get some good engagement. Pick something simple, that lots of people have a common grounding with and ask them to share something with you about it.

The page I posted a popular picture onto is for a large house great for group accommodation or large families, based in a popular holiday town in Zimbabwe. The picture was simply a photo of a popular fuel service station that virtually every traveller has stopped at to either refuel their vehicles or stomachs. The call to action was just to tell what you remembered most about this place? Chances are if you have been to Zimbabwe, you have been to Kariba and therefore have also visited this pit stop.

The result? The page reach was usually around 150-200 people for a post, but this post’s reach shot up overnight to over 20,000. I was shocked to see the reach hanging around the 3,000 mark when I went to bed that evening, but the shock of nearly 20,000 people seeing my post the next morning was even greater. Aside from the reach, there were 348 likes on the picture, 26 shares and 306 comments. Plus we gained about 40 new page likes that night. Want to know what people were commenting on – ice-creams, pies, the hot tarmac road, accidents and wild animals, not to mention the shopkeepers colourful personalities. Everyone just remembering back to the good old days and wanting to share their piece of it.

I think that is what is special about social media though, yes it’s cool to get likes and fans and great stats but it’s actually even better that you just get to interact and hear what everyone has to say. Advertisers are not the only ones with a voice shouting out their messages, everyone has a voice and it’s certainly interesting hearing what they have to say.

Hope you can get your fans to share some great memories with you.

By the way – here is the picture that all the hype was about. Hard to believe hey?