The ever-evolving guide on how to work with your spouse!

So as a couple, we are new to the game of working together, although not so new to the game of spending an unusual amount of time together. Since our London days, we have always been in the position of not having restrictive working hours or jobs so we have always spent the maximum amount of time together. Sometimes to our detriment as we do rather get on each others nerves sometimes.

However when it comes to working together, developing business and making a living for our family we still figuring out what works and what doesn’t.
So far here is what we have learnt so far:
1. It helps if you both have the same vision and goals, and communicate these frequently. Overall in the bigger picture we both see the same thing, which is great, but the path we take to get there sometimes, more often than not, brings some form of conflict.
2. Thinking something along the lines of “my way is not the only way” may help in this instance.
3. By giving eachother creative space, backing down on your opinion and supporting eachothers ideas you also can bring more harmony to the journey.
4. Having definitive roles and responsibilities helps too, although sometimes if you are a control freak like me, letting someone else do it their way takes much tongue biting to stop the suggestion of how I would do it.
5. By choosing the jobs that are best suited to your individual skills, you can avoid micro-management.
6. Don’t forget praise where it is due and go easy on eachother for the mistakes, you have to share the bed tonight afterall.
7. When it doubt, get out. Take breaks from the office, to reassess things. We regularly sit in the sunny lounge for our morning brainstorming sessions, away from the kids, chaos and confusion. Or we drive around on content generation missions.
8. And last but not least, do the little things for eachother. I am the chief coffee maker, but when I get pleasantly suprised with a cup, or the kids get attended to whilst I am in the middle of particular piece of work, it alleviates the pressure and is a welcome relief.

IMG_4451We know the challenges will always be there and the pressure will always be on, but hopefully with the right focus and efforts we can make it successful and rewarding. If you are a couple who works together or know of any that do it really well we would be interested to hear your thoughts…


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