Enter the second phase of social media…


It seems that the first phase of social media for businesses on Facebook is over, everyone has a presence, some work really well, some shouldn’t even bother. But with virtually everything you can think of having some sort of page on Facebook, surely it is now time to separate the wheat from the weeds so to speak, and really deliver real value to people.
If you can figure out what your customers want and give it to them you are onto a winning formula every time. Solve their problems and they will love you more. Do it regularly and consistently and you are A for away.

Post regularly

This is where most fail. They start off with a great page, interesting content and most importantly the enthusiasm and consistency social media demands. Then you get bored of spending all of your time on Facebook and surprise surprise your work is beginning to suffer as a result.

Get expert help

Maybe you think hiring a junior admin sort of person will fit the bill. They may not be the next rising star in the company but they can sit there and play with pictures and post funny status updates. The thing is, why get somebody to play, when you get someone who knows what they are doing and when to do it? If you are wanting to take it all to the next level, the second phase of providing real, valuable content then you should be hiring your social media team, made up of editorial staff, copywriters, photgraphers, a film crew and developers. Or have a team manage it for you.   If you honestly can’t set aside an hour a day, you probably not going to get anywhere fast in the world of digital marketing. Merely keeping abreast of the constant changes and trends in social media is time consuming.

Content is king so be ORIGINAL

Continue to promote your social efforts through your other advertsing campaigns – print, radio, word of mouth.  It is as always, about content. Share great content that promotes further sharing and you are doing something right. Please remember though that original content is what it is all about. I notice a lot of content that is not used correctly and it’s a shame for those that take the time and effort, or pay for the service to get genuine quality content.

I would love to answer any more questions you have or listen to your comments and suggestions for the best results in social media so feel free to have your say. Get talking, get social….


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