Social Media Target Audience Profiles

targetSocial media has opened hundreds more doors when it comes to sharing user friendly content and connecting with potential customers. As Internet growth continues to explode, relying soley on traditional marketing tools and websites will no longer be enough.

Social media has a strong impact in the growth of online business. It is not purely for recreational use and the sooner you can see the potential of these social media platforms, the quicker you can reach your target audience. Why is it such a big deal?

Everyone is already using social media on a personal level, so they are already engaging and connecting with brands out there, whilst doing what they want, when they want, getting info about whatever they want. They are also impatient so if they can’t find what they are looking for quickly their mentality is to find it somewhere else, because they can. Once you get to know “them” better, you will probably hear more about what “they say” too. I’ve always wondered who “they” are, but know I know – they are your target audience!

Develop profiles for your target audience on social media

Know who your target audience really are so that you can create content that is optimized for them. Develop some profiles of what your customers look like and post content based on the profiles of your target audience. Social media allows you to distribute unique content throughout the day, targeted at different profiles within your target audience, and you know that content will be seen by your target audience then and there.

What’s in your Target Audience Profile?

Demographics – Age, Gender, Income level, Race
Interests – What other pages do they like
Irritations / Issues they have
Social behaviour – What do they like on Facebook, what makes them comment or share

You can add in lots more information to your profile and get creative with who they really are. Once you have a basic idea of what your target audience looks like, its amazing how much better you get with brainstorming sessions about what to post and when. You may want to try postings to different groups within your target audience profiles to see what works and what doesn’t.

If this all sounds too much like hard work, and you just interested in having a pretty page with lots of likes then let us do the hard work for you.

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Insights – Your Facebook Page Analysis

So we have been doing some insights analysis between the pages we manage and it’s interesting to see how different each of them are.

Currently we are managing nine pages across a variety of industries – freight and logisitics, alcoholic beverages, beauty, plumbing, retail, media and the wedding industry.  All are very different to eachother in the number of likes, male or female audience and age ranges of  the audience.  Some have taken a while to start getting noticed, others have exploded with popularity, but one thing is common – the more we put in the more we get out.   Obvious I am sure, but do you analayze your page and see what posts worked best and which ones didn’t so you don’t keep repeating the same mistakes?

Insight graphs on your Facebook page

When you login to your page as Admin, if you have over 30 likes you will see a box with a small graph in it which basically tracks how many people are liking your page and what growth it’s receiving, in a very simple format.  If you want to see more, you can click the See All option and explore further.

One of the first things we look at is how often we have a little purple circle, depicting a post on the graph.  The more the merrier and you will notice the line graph above the purple circles, clearly represents how many people have been reached as a result of your posts.  You will notice dips when there has not been much activity.

Reach, Engagement and Virality

If you do several posts on any particular day, you are increasing the number of people you are reaching, because each time you make a post your audience will be a certain number of your fans.  The next time you post, your audience will be another percentage of fans, and so on.  Facebooks algorithms work out who sees what, so it’s not a case of all page likes seeing all your posts, only a select few do.  If you post again, you increase the chance of others seeing your post because Facebooks algorithms will assign new unique people to display your post to.

Another good thing to look at is who your actual audience are.  Male or female predominantly and age ranges.  If you know who is visting, liking and sharing your page stories the most, you will learn how to target your posts at those people more specifically.  Each page will vary so be sure to find out what works and what doesn’t for you.

Of course it’s always nice to see you page like numbers going up, however this is not the only measure of success.  If you scroll down in the Overview tab, you will see what posts have been made, how many unique people they reached, how many people engaged in your content, and the virality, which essentially is the percentage of people who liked, commented, or shared your story against the number of people who saw it.

Posting techniques to try

It’s worth trying a variety of different posting times, morning, afternoon, evening or late at night to see when you get the best reach.  It’s also worth trying some different posting techniques too – videos, photo’s, a question or vote, a call to action or a link to an interesting article, and see which of this engages the most users.  Although it’s good to keep your posts and content varied, it’s also good to know what really goes viral and make sure that is part of your regular social media feature.

Once you start to grasp all the insights, graphs and lingo, you can really make the page your own, based on the insightful information you have.  We hope you all have beautiful, informative and successful pages from now on if you have previously been struggling to reach your desired goals.

If there is anything more you’d like to know about Facebook pages and how the insights can help you in your business, then we’d be more than happy to help.  Although we love managing social media for our clients, we also love sharing our knowledge on the subject so you can help yourself too.  If you are happy to share anything more on the matter, then we welcome  your comments.