Capturing pure creativity on Vine

So with the recent launch of Vine, we were keen to jump aboard and find out what it’s like.  Vine is an app for iPhone, iPad users that allows you to share video content and it said to be the next big thing, think Instagram but with more feeling and life.


Vine – Video Loop Sharing

Vine is the latest craze in social media, and it comes in the form of 6 second loop videos.  Why 6 seconds you wonder?  Well considering Twitter is the parent company and they are famous for imposing constraints, albeit 140 character tweets, why not do the same for vidoes people will share?  Keep the clips short and people have to get more creative.

An interesting feature of Vine is the Record, Pause, Record option, which makes for some very interesting videos.  Now, instead of just looking at a picture of a plate of delicious sushi, you get to see the Sushi, the champagne and the girl sitting opposite the person sharing their dinner experience.  It’s the whole package, right down to the restaurant background noise, which I believe the sound can be turned on and off but I haven’t got to that yet.

Creative and clever sharing

This seeing and sharing live information has brought the creative types to the table in a whole new way too.  Cleverly recorded magic tricks like a banana diminishing in size over 6 seconds, or a very rapid how to bake a cake.  But its the toy tricks that seem to be popular on here too.  Action figures recorded in a seqence of events, its like how you imagine old animation was filmed.

Already a string of celebs have uploaded videos, Enrique Iglesias, Tyra Banks and Arnie Schwarzengger to name a few, but I have yet to see any of these.  One of the fun features is #FirstPost where you get to see literally everyone’s first post.  You are given the option of playing with the apps recording function of holding the screen to record and letting go when you want to pause, and you are given the impression this is some trial shot, but your first recording gets instantly tagged #FirstPost and you are given the option of sharing it.

Explore Vine

You can easily find already hash tagged topics in the Explore function, some include #travel #2013 #food, etc which also makes it easy to search for such videos too.  Of course, right now it’s probable that they have only released a basic version for now, with just the core product in mind.  Maybe later we will get to crop, edit, zoom and view a final cut before we opt to share it, but for now it works.  For Vine too, as they likely intended for it to initially, to gather data about who is using it, when and what they are recording.  Although some prefer to wait until better versions are released we think there is no harm in trying these things out in the early days either.

Clearly others felt the same way, when it came to more damaging content.  Days after in launched, it received more than 30 explicit videos from a user account, and one of the videos accidentally showed up on the Editors Picks.  Twitter are taking action against hardcore pornography by banning searches for explicit content.  They also faced service issues days after launching and the service went down, but like most new things hiccups are experienced.

We think this will bring about an explosion of video sharing, and it definitely could be a valuable app to add to your social media cap in 2013.  We would love to hear your thoughts on Vine if you have tried it out so feel free to share your knowledge and experience on this.


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