Body Sculpting and Contouring

Non-surgical liposuction

You may have considered all the options when it comes to excess fat removal, including surgical liposuction, lipodissolve, laser lipo or non-surgical lipo cavitation.  With an abundance of treatments and procedures to choose from you may feel somewhat overwhelmed when it comes to selecting what is right for you.

With surgical liposuction, you get probably the best results overall but with it comes the surgery downtime, anesthesia  pain, swelling and an average cost of $5,000.  This is the only method of liposuction that guarantees that the removed fat can be seen and measured.

A surgeon will perform the procedure by using hollow cannulas and a fluid containing local anesthetic and agents to shrink the blood vessels.  This is connected to a vacuum that allows the fat to be pumped out.  Recovery time and level of pain depend on where and how much lipo was performed but there will be painful surgery downtime to contend with.

Cavitation Liposuction

With lipo cavitation there is no anesthesia, pain, surgery downtime, skin damage or swelling and on average it only costs $500.  However the results may not be as dramatic and take longer overall to achieve.  You can expect to see a result immediately and as you continue with weekly treatments you will see loss in the treated area.  It is common to do before and after measurements so that you can gauge fat loss.

If you want to achieve dramatic weight loss then it is recommended that you get the advice of a nutritionist, dietitian and personal trainer.  There is no better alternative to controlling your weight than following a healthy lifestyle – eating a balanced diet, doing regular exercise and drinking plenty of water.  Liposuction and cavitation assist in the removal of excess fatty deposits but are not a general weight loss tool.

If however, you are looking to contour and sculpt your body and already have a considerably good diet, exercise often enough, but still can’t seem to shift those lose few inches or have problematic areas of excess body fat then liposuction, surgical or non-invasive may be the answer for you.

Lipo cavitation is a revolutionary method for removing excess body fat and it works by using ultrasonic frequency.  It generates low frequency ultrasonic waves, causing micro bubbles that create energy inside the fat cells.  This allows the fat cell membrane to erupt and the liquefied fat is excreted from the body through the lymphatic system. It does not affect any surrounding structures, blood vessels, nerves or internal organs.

It is recommended that you don’t burden your liver and kidneys before lipo caviation so it’ best to avoid alcohol and greasy, spicy, fried food for 2-3 days before your treatment.  You need to drink lots of water in the day, and especially 2 hours before your treatment.  It’s also highly recommended that you do 20 minutes of cardio after treatment as this speeds up your bodies natural mechanisms for breaking down fat. A lymphatic drainage massage also aids the body in elimination so this is another highly recommended treatment in conjunction with lipo caviation.

Contraindications of Lipo Cavitation:
  • Liver or kidney disease or disorder
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Skin disorders or disease
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart disease / irregular heart rhythm
  • Immune system / circulatory system disorders
  • Pacemaker or internal fitted device including metal structures prosthetic hip or knee

If you are looking to sculpt and contour your body, or remove excess fat in certain areas then this is a safe, pain free option where there is no surgery down time or heavy costs involved.  The results are noticeable within the first few sessions and it is recommended that you do 6-8 treatments on an area initially.  With treatments only taking between 20-30 minutes, it can easily be fitted into your day with minimal disruption.  You can expect to have a 4-5 inch loss after 8 treatments and this should stay off permanently if you maintain a good diet and regular exercise.

To book a free consultation or to find out more please call Cosmetic Sculpt Studio on 0774 729 782



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