Frantic Fridays all round!

It’s Friday and that’s good news right?  Well I am glad it’s the end of the week, but it’s been such a busy one that I have missed a few days from my blogging challenge.  Oh well, it was just a personal thing, nobody else really cares if I do it or not, and I am fine with it so moving along….

This morning whilst I was driving, I had my usual quantity of daydreaming, this time it was about having some sort of sign in my car that I can show other drivers who drive like idiots.  This woman in a nice new white Golf GTI overtook me and a few other cars, who were just going normal speed and was in such a hurry she was risking wrecking her new car.  As she speed past us she hit every sort of pothole imaginable, which she wouldn’t of, if she had just stayed in the left lane like everyone else. As she screeched past I wondered where she was rushing to at 9am?

Anyway I had forgotten about her by the time I had reached the next traffic lights, only to find who in front of me?  Yes, her. The car right in front of me, who had overtaken me about three minutes previously in such a hurry, was now just sitting here waiting with everyone else.  I needed my sign.

It would say:

Ha ha well done, you raced ahead, damaged your car on the numerous potholes you hit, wasted petrol and are still sitting here no closer to your destination than I am.

People in this place are in such a rush for nothing.  They overtake you only to brake and turn in front of you or get nowhere faster.  It’s madness.  So I laugh and plan out my little car signs to these people who clearly don’t realise the stress and strain they are adding to their lives by always rushing.  Maybe I’m just getting old!


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