30 days of blogging….


For some strange reason I have decided I obviously don’t do enough juggling in the day and therefore have given myself the extra challenge of a 30 day blog.  A blog a day for 30 days sounds easy enough until you’re 10 days in and out of ideas.  I’m hoping that by coming up with an overall theme, this should help in generating ideas and interesting content.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone about the ultimate quest in life.  What is it you may wonder?  Apparently happiness.  I am pretty sure he is right in thinking that it is everyone’s ultimate pursuit in life – be it through fame, riches, love, family. Whatever you choose to focus your energies on you want to be happy right?

That combined with an acute sense of needing to help another certain someone, through a difficult time in her life, has given me even more reason to write about remaining positive and having a happy outlook on life.  No matter what your circumstances I am sure each and every one of us have something to be happy and thankful of.

As with each brand new year that arrives, so does the feeling of wanting to make changes and improvements.  Again these are for the pursuit of happiness for the most part.  Feeling fitter and healthier, looking better, being a nicer person, better friend and so forth, all should bring a degree of happiness with them, otherwise we wouldn’t bother.

My happiest moment today….dinner and a show!  Eating pizza with Shan, whilst the kids danced around to their own singing and music.  Ah the small things….

So here is to hoping I can deliver some inspirational, motivational and happy words for you throughout the month of January.

Happy days!


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