Sculpting out the way….

So today, despite the fact we are not officially open yet, I did the first non-surgical lipo treatment on a client.  The result, a one inch loss on her stomach, which we were both delighted with!  She is first of ten people that will be receiving free treatments as a little thank you for being one of the early birds to like the brand new Facebook page – Cosmetic Sculpt Studio.

Although there are still some finishing touches to add to the Studio, the equipment and essentials are in place, minus a screen divider so I thought there is no time like the present to start trialing my machine and putting it to the test.  So far so good, although it took me a while to attach all the probes, which each have specific functions for body contouring, skin firming, cellulite reduction or wrinkle removal.

Once the client was comfortably lying down on the custom-built pine bed complete with white leather mattress, I began the treatment and answered all her questions as we went along.  She told me if the probes were getting too warm, and I then adjusted the intensity of the energy to ensure she was comfortable.

Afterwards we took her measurements and compared it to the before measurements and were both pleasantly surprised to see such a successful result of a 1 inch loss.  I had advised her prior to treatment that some clients only see a result after the first two sessions, and typical loss is 4-5 inches after 8 treatments, so the result was very progressive for her.

Armed with this good news, her permission and 9 other people to motivate, I posted the details on Facebook and sent further info to the other lucky ladies who won free treatments.  Their response and feedback has been so positive and encouraging and feels like all the hard work and effort up until now will finally start paying off.

It’s no small task starting a new business, and between the constant planning, decision making all by yourself, working long into the night, making sacrifices and financial stress I’d say it’s definately the start of something new and exciting that makes the hardships worth it.

Measurements for the privacy screen

Setting up the custom made bed


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