Quick fix to Writers Block on Day 1 of Blog

I have been waiting to set up a site to blog on for some time now and have been going between the ideas of a free blog like this one, or one with my own domain that is hosted.  In the end looks like I couldn’t really wait to start blogging so I went for the simple quick option, set the site up today and immediately posted my first little random blog about why I am even doing this.

I thought it would be easy to post several more blogs today – for some reason I thought I had written a few good articles to post.  Then I looked through them – nothing!  Nothing that excites me at the moment anyway, or nothing that is finished in its entirety.  It’s funny because before I had a place to blog I had hundreds of ideas and concepts to write about and explore, now I have a site and no ideas.  How does that happen?  Or more importantly how do you change it?

Firstly I’d suggest looking though any old material that you have already written and never posted to see if something catches your attention enough to adapt and edit.  This takes less time than writing an article from scratch, but it may not be the most interesting post as it’s really just something to “make do” with for now.

Secondly I started looking for writing ideas or challenges to get inspiration from.  There is a lot of different sources out there so just do a bit of digging and something should inspire you.  The Weekly Writing Challenge on WordPress this week is Stylish Imitation, whereby you are encouraged to post an article imitating the writing style of a writer that has really influenced your life.  There are tons of other similar to this so just browse around for ideas.

Next you could think of some sort of interesting event, development or conversation you have had in the last couple of days and think about putting an unusual spin to it.  Celebrity gossip and news could easily inspire you to have your say on the matter.  The Beckham and Katherine Jenkins saga come to mind right now.

Or you could compile a handy tips list on how to do something, similar to this funny little one I am doing right now.  Pick a subject you know a lot about, in my case it’s about not having anything to write about, and just try give some useful advice to others who may share your circumstances.

If all else fails, take a break, spend time with your children or pets, go for a walk, get fresh air or listen to music.  Clear your mind and see where it wonders off to next.

Now that I have given you these tips to come up with creative fresh material, let’s see if I can make it work for me too. Until the next one….happy blogging!



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